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Darth Mantis (CMON Contest #4)
Manufacturer: CoolMiniOrNot
Category: SF

by No Such Agency


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Darth Mantis (CMON Contest #4)

Competition: CMON 4 contest - Female Mantis Assassin
Darth Mantis (CMON Contest #4)

My CMON Contest #4 entry, a Sith apprentice. This is the first mini where I've used a cork base, and it's also my first attempt at object source lighting. I even threw in a little NMM on the buckles for good measure. I'm not entirely happy with the sabers, but I've found it's almost impossible to paint a solid rod to really look the way lightsabers do on film. My source lighting method follows Victoria's tutorial in the annual - coloured glazes over a finished paint job. Pre-source lighting paintjob pics are here.

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#113410 Rating: 8 7 Dec 2004
Excellent idea for this figure. The painting looks very well done, but the image quality takes away from the overall effect. I'd consider your first cork experience a success. Nice job.
#111907 Rating: 8 26 Nov 2004
7.5, Cool conversion. Nice work on the lighting. This is a style I am trying as well. I agree with your comment on the light sabers. I would blend two side of the rod, layers from light (center) to dark outer. Its hard to do on a round object though. Nice work. Cool base also.
#110584 Rating: 7 16 Nov 2004
mmmmmwwwwwuuuuuh.........mmmmmwwwuhhhhh! death by popsi.......uh light sabre! nice light effects. mabe a few mor yellow glazes on the light sabres to make them glow more. good stuff!

#110403 Rating: 7 15 Nov 2004
gave this a 7.5 (cos I worked out how to do it) - very cool conversion; blending on the sabres could be smoother, but the OSL works very well! Nice one!
#110348 Rating: 8 14 Nov 2004
Very cool
#110196 Rating: 7 13 Nov 2004
Cool, the conversion is incredibly fitting for the miniature. Good job overall, the pics are possibly a bit dark, but help with the atmosphere. Nice base! I think in terms of criticism, the lightsabers look a bit like used lollipop sticks....






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