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Dark Angels Land Raider Crusader Pre-Heresy style
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by Hortwerth

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Dark Angels Land Raider Crusader Pre-Heresy style

Dark Angels Land Raider Crusader Pre-Heresy style

It took me 7 months to get this to this stage and it is still not varnished to allow for adding some final touches.

This is for my personal collection (not for sale, unlike my other models).

The inner walls were removed and new created, the inside is covered with scrolls with Fallen names written on them and crossed out.

There are 4 working white-blue diodes at the front and one orange one inside.

The model is not really dusted, it is a desired paint effect.

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Viewer comments:
#396043 Rating: 10 1 May 2013
That is simply amazing, inside is not so great though
#355240 Rating: 8 1 Nov 2011
if it was pre heresy why are they looking for the fallen. great conversion and awesome paint job though
#304808 Rating: 9 7 Oct 2009
(crying) today i wanted to paint my DA....but I think I'll just go back to bed... This is amazing!
#271664 Rating: 9 3 Oct 2008
Stunning free hand, great job
#249568 Rating: 10 6 Feb 2008
YOUR AWESOME PAINTING HAS KILLED M...............................................
#245781 Rating: 8 28 Dec 2007
i couldnt help but notice the corrugated cardboard seam underneath the dozer blade. i know you heard it a million times but pre heresy dark angels where black. im just disappointed because i love all the pre heresy stuff. hey can you paint me a black templars land raider crusader? haha
#232129 Rating: 9 12 Aug 2007
1. the DAs wore black that time 2.the Land Raider Crusader has been invented 645.M39, and the Heresy was about teh thousand years earlier, so... but htepaint job is REALLY nice
#216626 Rating: 8 28 Feb 2007
uuh pre hersy the dark angles wore black...
#213157 Rating: 10 1 Feb 2007
i don't know words that can describe your genius, guy these freehands are the best i'v ever seen
#208239 Rating: 10 23 Dec 2006
now im depressed. Why can't i paint this well? better get practicing i suppose...






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