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kill shot
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Category: SF

by Shawn R. L.

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kill shot

kill shot

This is a walking tank that took a fatal shot to the hull. I think I'm finally getting sick of doing OSL. But hey, that can always change. The central 'figure' is a piece I designed and sculpted for Armorcast. It is part of a line of steam powered stuff. This is a resin kit. I made the 'street' out of wood. The sidewalk out of styrene. The newspapers are paper. The flames are sheet styrene and Magic-Sculpt putty.

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Viewer comments:
#377236 Rating: 10 5 Sep 2012
Τι να πεις για τη φλόγα;
#295580 Rating: 10 7 Jun 2009
wow ..
#219331 Rating: 9 23 Mar 2007
Now hes finally getting sick of OSL. haha
#178319 Rating: 10 13 May 2006
Genius work.
#158805 Rating: 10 7 Dec 2005
Hi Shawn, I should have left a comment on this earlier so it was good to get a reminder on the cover-image thread. I love this, gave it one of my few 10s on the site (no more than about five or six so far) great stuff.
#157718 Rating: 10 28 Nov 2005
I dont particularily like the actual model.. but then why did I give it a ten? It is certainly the best light-sourcing that I have seen on this site, the most realistic. Great job!
#145557 Rating: 10 23 Aug 2005
Your work wit directed light source is one from the best on all CMON. And i realy like this theme of strange four leged device? steam punk, rusty machines and comic neo soviets Cheers!
#142921 Rating: 10 1 Aug 2005
Shawn, you're nuts. Just nuts. I hate you and I want to hack off your hands. NOT!!!
#142779 Rating: 10 31 Jul 2005
Bloody hell fire!! Can i say that? Amazing!!
#137370 Rating: 10 18 Jun 2005
No doubt






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