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Saint Celestine - The Living Saint
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by Alexi Z

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Saint Celestine - The Living Saint

Saint Celestine - The Living Saint

I paint this miniature for painting contest on Russian Games Day 2005, but I was disqualified from the contest because I'm "professional and my painting skill is too high for this contest"...

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Viewer comments:
#419780 Rating: 6 18 May 2014
Pretty, but monotone. And I don't believe you about the Russian Games Day. Sounds like an excuse.
#403108 Rating: 10 30 Aug 2013
Funny story about the Russian Games Day. Mini is really nice.
#322938 Rating: 10 26 May 2010
10 10 10!!
#256746 Rating: 10 24 Apr 2008
SISTERSSSSS 10 wow needs more 40k min from you nice ....and sorry to post this here why won't my avatar work ...little help anyone plzzz....keep the painting going you hav a gift....
#162213 Rating: 10 5 Jan 2006
Amazing. Beautiful work from a beautiful woman.
#161907 Rating: 10 2 Jan 2006
Celestine is a 15 but the base its a 10
#159490 Rating: 10 13 Dec 2005
#152659 Rating: 10 11 Oct 2005
I didn't catch that you are "A multipule GD winner". My horrible mistake - I should have known that an artist with such high painting skills have taken part in the world painting contest more than just one time!!!!! Now I clearly see my folly ...
#152506 Rating: 10 10 Oct 2005
I'm always really impressed by your magnifiicent work and there is no exception in this time. I don't understand why such a great artist has to be disqualified in the competition in which artistic skills are judged. I also wonder why haven't you taken part in the UK Golden Demon?...(or maybe you did?). You would be able to win it without question!!! You are one of the best artists I have ever seen. A great respect and congratulations!!! Cheers
#149384 Rating: 9 18 Sep 2005
Is it forbidden in russia to be a damn good artist? Well see you in france again, here you're much more than welcome






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