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Aztec Space Marine
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by Punkrabbitt


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Aztec Space Marine

Aztec Space Marine

This is the prototype figure for doing an Aztec-themed Space marine army.

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#32784 Rating: 8 21 Mar 2003
the bandolier (and the legs, pistol, grenades) are all off the khorne berzerker sprue. its a well known trick to cross the chaos bits with the loyalist bits to give the loyalist a bit more attitude, the hard part is doing it with subtltey. i think you did an exemplary execution.
#26630 Rating: 8 21 Jan 2003
I think you have a good conversion. Catchcan marine cross.. I like it. The flesh wash looks good. Some feather motif might add to aztec them. But I believe this figure would work well into a scout squad. I like the bandolier, how did you do this? It has a real good pose as well. The sword could use some work looks flat. Possibly a dark wash on it and the gun as well, to add a little detail and depth.
#15172 1 Oct 2002
The color and the heraldry on the shoulder pads (which unfortunately don't show well in te picture) are the main items. the headband, white linen gear, and golden metal bits are the subtext. In re caucasian skin, in the 41st millenium I am imagining that you can find any selection of skin tones cropping in any variety of cultures. Feathers will be present on the back banners of higher ranked individuals, i will post a picture of the entire squad in its multi-colored plendour if and when it is finished
#15114 Rating: 7 1 Oct 2002
Nice, but in what way is this mini Aztec? No feathers and caucasian skin?






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