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Horus vs The Emperor
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by Philippe

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Horus vs The Emperor

Horus vs The Emperor

Inquisitor's scale figures (for close up see images id #96851 (The Emperor), #96853 (Horus) and #96854 (Sanguinius))

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#292550 Rating: 9 8 May 2009
I appreciate the effort put into this piece; it's truly awe-inspiring. What keeps me from giving you a 10 is the pose of the emperor. It looks as if he's about to sit down; he should have a much more regal and straight pose!
#239694 Rating: 9 29 Oct 2007
Awesome, simply awesome.
#217514 Rating: 10 6 Mar 2007
Beautiful piece! By far the best Emperor and Horus ive ever seen. Even the dead Sanguinious looks amazing. The only thing that i see that might be wrong with it is the fact that the emperor looks like he is about to fall over backwards. but this is too good to give a "9"
#201731 Rating: 9 2 Nov 2006
#193354 Rating: 9 1 Sep 2006
absolutely.... AWESOME!!!
#165014 Rating: 10 23 Jan 2006
A stunning achievement. You've captured an amazing piece of art in 3D. Painting- 8.5 Sculpting- 10+ Daring to attempt such a project- 15!
#163462 Rating: 10 13 Jan 2006
#163340 Rating: 10 13 Jan 2006
If I were you I'd enter that into the golden demon open competition. It's bound to win!
#162261 Rating: 6 5 Jan 2006
very good, but to be honest prefer the Mike Mcvey version alot better
#152618 Rating: 9 10 Oct 2005
The figures are absolutely fantastic... you have captured them beautifully. The Scene itself though lacks the majesty and sence of desperation you would expect for the final battle over Earth and Horus's soul. The image of Horus and the Emperor facing each other with the tourtured Earth far below and dead marines all around is one of the most iconic visuals of the WH40k universe.






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