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Posted: 25 Sep 2005

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I've learned a number of things as a result of this ... like bleached bone and skull white do not make a good color combination because the former has too much yellow in it. I have also managed to finally figure out how to use the camera, well over a month after the photo was taken however. I am content with being the fist to officialy enter the contest and having the lowest score. I actually had considered adding to the base, but somehow anyting living (grass) would destract from the spork like barreness of the queen and her minions.
22 Nov 2005 • Vote: 3
Cheesus! is this epic scale or what is this?
18 Nov 2005 • Vote: 4
OK, will have to say that the effort is commendable, but there does appear to be a couple of problems, first and formost is the fact that the image is blurry, thustly obscuring the details and any finite features. Another would have to be the fact that the base appears unfinished. Also can`t make out hightlight or shadow as well. These are just observations from my POV. Think of it as constructive, not critizim. The color choices are interesting, with white being the hardest, most difficult to get right. I still am working at it. Keep trying, since trial and error is how we all learn. Take care!
26 Sep 2005 • Vote: 4

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