CMON5 Contest - Sporkqueen

My first painting contest ever - weeee I am so excited! ;)

Posted: 30 Oct 2005

7.5 /10 (168 Votes) 2.9k Views

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cool weird glowing green skin tone. The base is great too, subtle yet effective. And I like the rusty silver metallics, looks great. Her dress looks a little flat maybe...I konw it's black, but still - something is missing. Overall I love it though, 7.5 is harsh...
27 Feb 2006 • Vote: 9
the best queen of the contest
1 Dec 2005 • Vote: 10
Best I've seen so far for this contest. Although I am biased by the Nurglesque color scheme! She looks good I like the muted tones and the eerie fleshtone. Nice base also.... be proud of yer first I gotta get to painting.....
29 Nov 2005

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