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I didn't want to do any conversion work (apart from the re-positioning of the legs on the gun drone) as I felt that the miniatures fitted the idea that I had in my head of the "Queen" being a futuristic fairy tale exiled Evil Queen/Witch or Wicked Step-mother. In continuing this theme I also imagined her exiled or in hiding in a decaying and run down area, where she gives the gift of "immortality", as her servants, to those that seek her out. The colours of the drones and to a lesser extent the Queen were done close to the base so that they look like they do live in that sort of area. The base was also my first use of Woodland Scenics Realistic Water, which unfortunately isn't that clear from the picture. Due to time constraints I didn't get to add some planned freehand on the dress, but made up for it with some freehand scratches on the gauntlet and a pattern down the barrel of her gun. I've also added a close up of the gun drone as the front and rear shots don't capture his face that well.

Posted: 30 Oct 2005

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I particularly like the way you've painted the metail and the green eye piece on the little guy!
19 Jan 2006
dude, this is one of the best ever!!!! it's realy nice. If you got some tips for me mail them at
5 Dec 2005

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