This mini was quite a challenge to paint. It's very big, safe to say it took some time for me to finish it. Conversions I did include sculpting a new axe, sculpting blood veins on the arms (the original model has none) and making the base slightly higher, adding a bit of dirt and about ten skulls that I sculpted myself as well. I wanted to try a very desaturated, almost monochromatic, paint scheme using mostly shades of brown and grey. This is only broken up by the eyes really, which I painted a clear blue. Comments are more than welcome.

Posted: 3 Aug 2006

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That's a ten from me. The sculpting choices were terrific additions without overdoing it, and you pulled off the monochrome color scheme beautifully. Well done!
17 Nov 2009 • Vote: 9
It's very savage, I like the darkness ambient. Good job!!
31 Jul 2009 • Vote: 10
Love this 1. I can clearly see the moon standing high abowe him.
29 Jul 2009
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