Dwarven Champion

I painted this mini a few years ago. The design on the shield is painted on (no Decal). Would like to hear comments.

Posted: 16 Jan 2003

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I like the shield, I like the sword, I think the tarta's great! The base could use some work, but the mini is very nice.
25 Jun 2003
The shield design is great. Simple yet complex. I love the tartan look on the clothing. Although you painted the sword very skillfully, I think it may have looked better with a more 'conventional" color. As it is I feel it detracts from the grand work on the rest of the mini. Excellent work.
23 Jan 2003 • Vote: 9
Squig Boss
Well done mini. I like the plaid and the shield design. the subtle colors on the sword are very original. Where exactly is the little dude's face on this mini?
23 Jan 2003 • Vote: 7

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