Freya The Valkerie

My CMON entry. Took close to 14 hours to paint. Thanks Elochard, for the tips on painting of the rocks as in the article on the waterfall diorama. Very helpful indeed. The rocks on the base are broken pieces of roofing slate which I had aquired. The foliage is part of the contents of a herbal tea bag,(Apple & Ginger If I remember correctly), courtesy of Chrispy's suggestion, which also appears in the book 'The Making of The Two Towers' by Brian Sibley.

Posted: 19 Feb 2003

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Excellent face, and good lighting effects on the skin. Don't like the striations on the left leg and I think the hatch marks on the blade are a bit too much. Nice bace though.
20 Feb 2003 • Vote: 8
Man Mike, she is really well done! I still hate the sculpting of the weaponbut you have done fine work on her, especially the face! Way to go!
20 Feb 2003 • Vote: 9

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