Cimerian King 54mm

Hi all, I painted this 54mm miniature for andrea miniatures 10 months ago. This is a special figure because was my last painted mini from the andrea study. The green are incredible expresive and I tried to obtain the same thing with the painting, making a more free painting inspired by the master frazzeta.. Really, I painted this mini for me, no for the box art. Painted with acrylics. This one is with a normal background. As always, sorry for my english ;D Comments are welcolme, Jose.

Posted: 21 Nov 2007

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david waeselynck
wonderfull work jose! your paintjob is excellent as always!
4 Dec 2007
I love this mini! suffer no guilt in the name of Crom!
3 Dec 2007
famtasic work, very moody. great stuff! Daz
30 Nov 2007
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