Three Crimson Fists Techmarines

These are 3 of my last CF unit. I decided to do something different from my others troops. So they are just tactical marines whith a tech look, that's the idea. I used GW scab red for the armour and it was extremly long to paint correctly. Soon I'll submit the complete squad. I won a first place in Germany during the golden demon with that squad this year. Yeah, I'm happy, you know! MooZ :]

Posted: 25 Mar 2003

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These are great, just what marines should look like.
29 Oct 2003 • Vote: 10
Wah...ils sont vraiment magnifiques tes techmarines!Et encore félécitation pour le Golden Demon, tu le mérites vraiment!
31 Aug 2003 • Vote: 9
Your tutorial rocks! I just wish my french was better :) High school seems so long ago... I like your style. I get kind of embarrased looking over at my own Crimson Fists... oh well... the first were painted more than 3 years ago.. I hope I'll be able to do ones as good as yours one day :) Cool work.
18 Aug 2003
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