Originaly planed for Spanish GD 2004, I didn't manage to finish it on time. As it is part of my army, it wasn't a waste of time anyway. Comments are welcome.

Posted: 24 Mar 2005

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Great......... How many hours have you spend?
21 Jun 2006 • Vote: 10
Wow, Mooz is back with a vengeance!! Great work, your Crimson Fists are a pleasure to look at and is a more then worthy addition; you´ve made full use of the FW parts and you achieved a realistic finish while sticking to the strong colors of the CFs. Truly one of the best SM vehicles ever!
27 Mar 2005
C'est pas banl de voir un char dans le top ten de la semaine;) La poussière grise me plaît beaucoup ainsi que la lame de bulldozer et aussi ça ,ça et ça!;)
25 Mar 2005
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