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More views and Wip. It is based on the drawing in Index Astartes showing an almost Mk8 armor using what is described as pre heresy colour scheme. Although a Mk8 sounds weird during Horus Heresy, I liked this look, so... Comments are welcome ! BTW if you like it I posted also a larger picture, so please check n°279393 Mooz

Posted: 4 Jun 2011

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I really like this figure, how the figure has been styled and especially how it has been given a true sense of movement, very well done
25 Aug 2014 • Vote: 10
Superb paintjob and conversion but I can't find anything per heresy in him.
27 Oct 2013 • Vote: 10
Superbe. La conversion est sobre tout en retenu, les ajouts sur l'armure sont lisibles, parcimonieux et très en accord avec ce chapitre. La peinture est magnifique et je rejoint avalon008, tout en finesse. Félicitation.
9 Aug 2011
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