Hell Dorado Great Damned of Anger

well This was a mini I've been gonna paint for ages and just haven't got aroundto doing it.. Finally got around to having a go and entered it in the Arcaneminiatures painting challenge .. Luckily for me the judges liked it and it won.. woohoo.. I've lost a lot in the pics on this but I basically used it as an experiment in skin tones using a uniform basecolour and varying the colours for highlighting and shading to create different types of flesh , The living , on the hands legs and head area , the dead on the hand wraps and loincloth and the rotting dead on the body parts...as well as many other colours in between. it's a pretty big sculpt and I wanted to avoid making it too samey part for looks and part to stop me going insane..:D the raw muscle areas wre painted given a flesh basecoat and highlighted white before using multiple (about 10) glazes of a red and purple ink and chaos black paint mix to look like freshly flayed muscle and layers built up in the crevices by adding varnish into the mix to create clotting blood. The back of the sword for some reason has come out flat but it is just as glossy as the front.. Although I went for some gore I kept this a little lower than I could have to try and emphasise the anger character more on the sculpt.. all in all a great sculpt to work with and I feel lucky to be first I had several entries placed above me including atacam's great Dark slave red riding hood. http://www.coolminiornot.com/198974 let me know what you think...

Posted: 22 Aug 2008

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Extraordinary piece Rob! Awesone choice of colours, this mini ruleeeez!!! :)
5 Sep 2008 • Vote: 10
Ugly ,disgusting fascist !......But beautifully painted. GOD bless...........VINCENTI
31 Aug 2008 • Vote: 10
Don`t think so jar, looks more like Ozzy Osborn.
29 Aug 2008
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