Iron painter round 2 "Cold Blooded"

" Foolish young girl ......before I drain the life from you I shall allow you the pleasure of witnessing the demise of your .... "pet" ....... It's a shame it's such an impressive creature but I'm afraid no match for the power of winter's end........." lot more conversion work here than first apparent.. great fun to do and really happy with the outcome especially considering the timeframe... anyways any thoughts or comments appreciated.

Posted: 5 Jan 2010

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that's one hell of a good diorama.
31 Mar 2010 • Vote: 10
cheers Guys ...... The ice golem rattler was in part inspired by Tale of war's barbaro cimmerio ... unfortunately I missed the deadline for the comp at the weekend due to not having my camera.. hey ho ... still be doing some other pieces for it. cheers again Guys
7 Jan 2010
A Luna
Obviously ment '10' instead of '6' ;)
7 Jan 2010
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