GD UK 08 Gold Duel raptor versus Dark Angel

Had a lot of fun with this one . Firstly I want to say I was chuffed to bits to pick up Gold there were some really great Duels this year including Nigel Carmen's (Talonicus) awesome Juggernaught and ork bike piece. I also want to thak Nigel and Adie (vincenti) Bay as I had almsot given up on GD after a rough year personally and several things going wrong with lpanned entries but thanks to Nigels subtle method of telling me to get my head out of the gutter and beating me with a stick and Adies infectious enthusiasm and many other peoples feedback along the way I managed to crack on and finish this piece. I am currently putting together a step by step on the miniature showcase forum as well as discussing some f y thought processes along the way so won't go too much into the construction here . The whole idea like Nigel was to try and convey a sense of movement in the two combatants. I wanted to push myself in several areas and bring together some of what I have learned over the last year. mainly this was through the base construction and the conversion work.I also wanted to make the base become a part of the whole rather than just be the part the models are on so the movement of the two is caried through into the base. The raptor was converted out of a plastic possessed mainly to reduce the weight but also the allow for a more flying in feet first striking like a bird of prey opening up the piece more. I also tried toconvey a mirror image so the arms and legs of the two models are in practically the same position just opposites to go with the whole light v dark idea. Regards Paint I wanted to do a really dark and rusty kind of neglected industrial setting but keep the models a bit cleaner o stand out. I have had a lot of fun learning red over the last year so wanted to really use that. have done my best with the pics but there is a hell of a lot going on in this piece but hopefully I've managed to get across the general idea of the piece. Again thanks to all those who I met on the day for making the day great and thanks to everyone who has answered my questions ov er the last year as well as provide me with constant inspiration..Hope to meet more of you soon and et me know your thoughts and comments as always greatly appreciated.

Posted: 1 Oct 2008

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17 Apr 2014 • Vote: 10
The Imperial Painter
how did you do the conversion
7 Apr 2012 • Vote: 10
i giv u a nine because i love dark angels but other then that it is amazingly done
1 Jul 2010
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