Asrid the Chronicler

I painted this one for a very good friend. Actually first I started another Version of her with a skull freehand on the guitar but my friend didn't like the punk theme and so I started a second version of her with the same colourscheme but with another freehand. This one here is that second one I started and also the pure base without anything has been the wish of my friend. I will finish the first version too and will post it later. The colourscheme was intentionally in this slightly comic style and it is inspired by the Astrid from Darkstar All comments are welcome :-)

Posted: 8 Apr 2009

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Super Mini gefällt mir sehr gut.
22 Jul 2011 • Vote: 10
Outstanding, especially the violet hair in addition to the black/ blue leather suite. And the smooth blendings, and the lovely freehand... it's just too much to name all the nice things on this mini. Simply 10 points :)
29 May 2010
Ian Newbold
An outstanding paintjob on an outstanding mini! :-)
2 Dec 2009 • Vote: 10
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