Lonnia, Female Duelist

Hello Everybody :-) Long time no see but as you see I`m still painting. Lonnia is my recent paintjob and it took over 100 hours to finish her, because I sculpted everything on her base by myself and I also did a lot of painting experiments at her. I started to paint her in a lot of thin layers but tried also wetblending in the end and it didn`t work immediatly in a perfect way and so I spent a "bit" more time than usually with her. Apart from that I changed the colour of the jacket after the jacket was almost finished, lol. Because I`m writing so much at the internet I became a bit lazy meantime and so I just tell you that you can get more information about the paintjob on: http://massivevoodoo.blogspot.com/2010/03/lonnia-finaly-finished.html By the way Massive Voodoo is an extremly cool blog with a lot of tutorials so check it out anyway, also if you are not interested into details about Lonnia :-) All comments are welcome and I`m especially interested into what you think about the base because I work hard on to improve my bases and so I really need critique and advice. Cheers Yvonne

Posted: 21 Mar 2010

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Very epic Mini. The NMM is awesome and I love how smooth all the blends are! Peace, Faust.
15 Jul 2011 • Vote: 10
This one is wonderfull, too!! I love the paintjob on the minis very very much, the sowrd has so much depth in color . The complete piece is very athmospheric, I can feel her standing on this rocks and on the sand and can feel the wind blowing here! I like the base, too!!! It suits her very well, next time you can try and put some reale stones ( Kalksteine) vor her, they have sharper edgeds and maybe you like them, too.
21 Apr 2011
3rd Eye
Stunning work, the colours are vibrant and the nmm steel is spot on, congrats on that. I think the base works well, it's big enough to give an impressive atmosphere but the neutral rock colours mean that it doesn't draw attention away from the mini. I can see ragnaroth's point about the symmetry but how can I criticise when you sculpted the whole thing by hand, bravo.
20 Jun 2010
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