CMON Contest 14 - Akkazu from Enigma Miniatures

Hello everybody This is my first mini on CMON, my version of Akkazu. Please tell me something about?? Have a nice day Pirate

Posted: 25 May 2009

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Thanks Taegmar, I willl try to put contrast next time...
27 Jun 2009 • Vote: 7
Very clean paint work. However, I'd say you've only just begun to work on her. What you need to do is add depth to her now. Don't be afraid to paint in those shadows and highlights. You'll suprise yourself and impress the rest.
27 May 2009
Thanks you very much Jarhead for you comment, I'm very happy cause I like your work, Respect... Best Regards, Pirate
27 May 2009 • Vote: 7
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