CMON Contest 14 - Akkazu from Enigma by DAMBoy69

My First Mini Posted! I really wanted see how I would size up with the other amazing painters here on CMON. This was alot of fun to paint and modify. I would love to hear feedback since this is my first posted mini. Thanks, Derek

Posted: 26 May 2009

5.8 /10 (45 Votes) 1.6k Views

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Very smooth blending overall. Love the skin and tatoo. Two things I would work on improving. The clothes and the hair. I miss contrast in the cloth, its simply to subtle (could be the picture though), i would give it some more color. The hair looks a bit rushed, with all that smooth blending i'm sure you can do better. Good job none the less!
2 Oct 2010
Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate your comments. I would love to hear more constructive feedback. I wish here face didn't turn out like she has a black eye. The rosy cheeks are much more subtle than the pic.
29 May 2009 • Vote: 10
I agree. This seems a bit under-rated. The detail pic of her face really shows off some subtle blending and great work on the eyes and mouth. The freehand tats are really impressive as well. Great job imo!
28 May 2009 • Vote: 8
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