Eldar Vyper Jetbike

Actually this is the announced rework of my old vyper. The pictures are blurry as always, maybe I can get better ones with more sunlight. :/ Its damn hard to see the really big difference in the green blends, because of the reflections of the light I used, but can't seam to get it better. Also the gems are somehow a bit "bright" on the upper and lower pic, the middle one kinda captured them correctly. I'm happy for every comment or hint. :)

Posted: 24 Feb 2010

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thats some smooth blending lovely greens on that!
26 Apr 2012 • Vote: 9
incredibly smooth work. making sure to check out the rest of your gallery. death to mon keigh!!
21 Apr 2010
Whoa those greens on that viper are very good. Smooth blends make this on a very nice army model. How did you achieve those green blends ??
11 Mar 2010
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