Miss Amazone strikes the pose :] CMON contest II

For a larger view, please check picture number 32084. Base is made from a 1 inch GW and the one you recieve with the mini. The rock is made of green stuff and water was modeled using pva glue. I first painted all in grey tones, when rock was completed, I used a very small amount of GW scaly green whith some medium in order to add depth to the river. Then whith a brush and pva glue I made the stream. Four coats of gloss warnish completed the water... I've found easy to simulate waves with pva glue in fact. MooZ :]

Posted: 15 Sep 2003

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I would give it a 10, but I can't get into the spear head, The model is screaming NMM, add that to this and it is at 10. I am not saying that I prefer NMM, but in this model, it just doesn't fit to have it metalic the way it is painted compared to the rest of her. Awsome none the less
22 Nov 2003
chrono hal
Une oeuvre dantesque, au sens où seul le grand Dante Alighieri eut trouvé les mots pour la décrire !
23 Sep 2003
Awesome work! Darned near as smooth as Cyril's but I find the very slight roughness more apealling overall! The colors are perfect and the only thing that bothers me is the spear head. It is not bad but just not as good as the rest :D - Glyn
18 Sep 2003 • Vote: 9
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