Geisha Warrior (cmon contest entry)

Hi! This was a mad dash to finish, as I waited until the absolute last day to get it posted. I hope I made it in time. The face is white (like a Geisha). I put some Japanese lettering on the inside of the cloak and the shield design is a silouette of Samurai Jack (a cartoon character). This was a great learning experience. As long as I feel I have learned something new, I consider the mini a success. I would be glad to hear comments/pointers!!

Posted: 18 Aug 2003

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Danny Boy
8 for painting/idea. 10 for Samurai Jack
14 Apr 2005 • Vote: 8
I like the idea for the face.
7 Feb 2005 • Vote: 8
I like the white face and comic-book colors. Doesn't look blobby on my monitor. Great job on the lettering, I have no idea what it says but it looks good. I do think you could add some interest to the base, however.
2 Dec 2003
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