Cygnar Charger Ligh Warjack

The last but not the most useless, My mighty Charger! Well, I made the three jacks simultaneously so it is the same type of work. Check my galery for more jacks... MooZ :]

Posted: 1 Sep 2003

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Mooz from FeuWeu
Well actualy I am a big fan of NMM, but for gaming purpose, I prefer metalic paints. hum, I've never tried NMM anyway ;)
16 Sep 2003 • Vote: 9
Now this is excellent. Finally somebody who can really go to town with metallics. Booo NMM! :) Just kidding, really, but I find metallcis give a far superior impression on those 'jacks. Right on!
16 Sep 2003 • Vote: 8
Mooz from FeuWeu
Thank Tobi. The two srtipes on the side of the base are for gaming purpose. In fact they show the limit between a model front and bac arc, wich has some to do in Warmachine.
2 Sep 2003 • Vote: 9
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