Warboss Tuskmug Bogrot and Princess da Pig

The straps and saddle are made out of putty. Everything else is GW plastics, ecxept the base, which is a combination of real stones and putty. Warboss Tuskmug wields Hacka's Red Sword of Hackin', and sports the 'Edbuttin' 'At. He mounts the Skull (Collar) of Zorga on Princess' Head, and carries a miniature version of the skull on his belt, which acts as a Talisman of Protection. He also wears light armor and carries a shield.

Posted: 9 Oct 2003

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st1v xtr1m
agreed, the red base really distracts from the model itself...
9 May 2004
Nice !! As a fellow O&G player i like how you have converted him to resemble the power ups and items you use him with, the base looks great.. but the red trim is kind of wierd. Great work ;)
2 Nov 2003

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