Speed-Painted Undead Lord

Here's an example of a speed-painted mini that looks just fine, with almost no special techniques, and took less than an hour to complete. I have no idea what company sculpted it. He was primed black, then heavily drybrushed white over the whole mini. The bone areas with washed with brown and red inks, the drybrushed white. The blade and armor were painted chainmail, then inked brown, wiping in the ink off raised parts immediately. The hair was brushed with a mix of yellow and flesh. The robes were oerbrushed with grey, then lightly with white. The scythe was painted dark brown, inked dark brown, then dry-brushed with bleached bone. _________________

Posted: 19 Dec 2003

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It's an Heartbreaker miniature de Phil Lewis http://www.gothtech.com/SoL2/rng.asp?ri=16
2 Jan 2004

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