Weaver Widow's Eve

This one was really fun to make. I used the metal „Weaver Widow“ and the Malifaux basing set: the cat, lamp, trashcan – I threw basically everything in there. I am very happy with the result though and this is one of my favorite minis of mine. On this years Monte San Savino Show she was in my display of the Fantasy Master Painting category, which got silver. I am still not sure how this could happen. I thought after the bronzes had been announced, that everything was over, but then silver... This was really an honor considering all the other displays on the show and the fact that this category judged mostly the paintjob. I will thank my lucky star for this :) Comments are always welcome. I accept commissions. If you are interested in my works feel free to contact me: paintslayerworks@gmail.com Regards Christoph www.puttyandpaint.com/Christoph_Blumenthal

Posted: 21 Dec 2014

9.6 /10 (109 Votes) 12.8k Views

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Incredible build and the paint is amazing. I give you gold for this.
3 Jan 2015 • Vote: 10
Creepy, dynamic, very beautiful result.
2 Jan 2015 • Vote: 9
2 Jan 2015 • Vote: 10
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