Craftworld Eldar Dark Reaper Squad

Hope you like the unusual color theme :)

Posted: 2 Jun 2015

9 /10 (45 Votes) 5.6k Views

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Very brilliant work mr hendarion.;)
24 Feb 2017 • Vote: 10
Jaw Dropping Stunning, you make me wish i spent longer than 2 days on my unit :)
16 Jun 2015 • Vote: 10
Very nicely executed paintjob. Your blends are super smooth and have a nice deep contrast. I like that the yellows are vivid, but not chalky, which tends to happen with very bright highlights. However nice they are, I feel like the bases would be more fitting for a fantasy mini then they do these guys, but that's just pure personal preference. The complementary color scheme is daring, but I think that's what ultimately makes it pop. Very good, straight 9 from me.
9 Jun 2015 • Vote: 9
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