Hospitaller Crusader - Pegaso Bust

Hi all, looking at my story, as a miniature painter, i saw that i din't paint a lot of bust... i really don't know why, maybe cause i prefer the entire figure. But in the last time i feel like i want prepare a little historical bust display. i decided to start with this great bust by Pegaso, as i promise to my friend and master Pietro Balloni, i try to do it as soon as possible, and i finish the painting exactly one day after Kirill Kanaev show his super box art of this piece! When i buy in preview this bust in Siena i ask to Pietro what kind of interpretation kirill will do, and when he say me he go to paint a s.lazarus version i decided to turn the bust in to an hospitaller knight. I am very happy of this piece cause i discover that painting bust is very relaxing and "easy", and i will do it again for sure... Hope you like.

Posted: 9 Sep 2015

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very beautiful. tell please as you painted metal, what paints?
19 Sep 2015 • Vote: 10
Lovely work !
17 Sep 2015 • Vote: 10
Lower than 9, realy?
16 Sep 2015 • Vote: 10

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