A Sherwood Tale (Mumi’s Friar Tuck Project)

Hi folks! This is my last work, a very hard and funny project for me, and a little challenge! i had the great opportunity from the MUMI (museum of miniatures) to make a project with this super Friar Tuck sculpted by YURY SEREBRYAKOV. Is the first time for me approaching in a so big background and the most part of the work here was glued one by one an incredible number of leaves!! :P I have to thanks in particular my friend and "Diorama secrets Whisper" Raffaele King Kender Du Marteau, for his great help during all the realization of the background; my "big Brother" master Mariano Numitone for the "objects" in the forest, and my friend Jason Martin, for the help to find a correct english title form my idea. And thank you Fabrizio Russo... you know why ;) But more i have to thank the MUMI collection for this honor to paint a figure different from the others, no soldiers, no warrior, no war, just one of the most cleaver and "good" character ever made, with his peaceful smile... Hope you like. Fra

Posted: 9 Sep 2015

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Great Work 10+
6 Mar 2016 • Vote: 10
This is why I love this hobby! Well done!
17 Sep 2015 • Vote: 10
16 Sep 2015 • Vote: 10
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