75mm scale, Ares Mytological\Draconia miniatures. This model is finished, but it`s part of bigger project. You will see it on display base later, in pair with female miniature. Colours choice on this barbarian designed to work together with another model. Here You can see massive light ochre orange skin colours, saturated red and orange, divided and balanced with dull green grey parts and dark green midtones. Female character will be painted vice versa, with massive green and red-orange edging. Body markings is tribute to God of War, but Its not intended to be Kratos, its just relevant touch. This model by itself took almost month of paint work, so I hope its worthy enough to be posted along main project. Thanks for attention! I accept commissions, PM me or email to we7@73.ru if You are interested. Also You can find me on facebook https://www.facebook.com/chasnyk.sergey

Posted: 26 Jan 2017

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Absolutely beautiful! I am in awe of the level of blending and your amazing knowledge of colour!
4 Feb 2017 • Vote: 10
Superb Work!
2 Feb 2017 • Vote: 10
Flawless painting and a very different treatment of this great model. Awesome work!
2 Feb 2017 • Vote: 10
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