Hi folks! It`s my first painted fantasy bust. Size: 70mm tall (1/12 scale) Its orc bust from Joaquin Palacios, limited model. Overall I spended over 150 hours here, working time to time during eight months. This is further development of enviromental lighting design, I already painted similiar effect on dreadnought previous year, but in another color scheme. You can follow me on instagram - @we7art I accept commissions: pm me or write to we7@73.ru Best, Sergey

Posted: 6 Sep 2019

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Sik Willy
This is phenomenal. I love the style in which you did this, a wonderful break from the norm executed flawlessly
13 Sep 2019 • Vote: 10
Great, one of the few real stunning paint jobs here.
13 Sep 2019 • Vote: 10
I agree - the broad strokes, bright bold colors and stark lighting give the impression of a graphic novel panel, and I'm pretty sure that's the point. Beautiful work as always!
7 Sep 2019 • Vote: 10
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