Nuwa, Queen of Hearts

Hi folks, here is my latest project. Base is full scratchbuild, based on my own concept arts. Figure is Rubina from Kimera models with replaced face (Nuwa from Celestial). Overall I spent over 400 hours of work on this project: design, drawing concepts, sculpting, building, developing painting technique and painting itself. You can follow me on instagram - @we7art Best, Sergey

Posted: 20 Jun 2019

9.7 /10 (95 Votes) 13.5k Views

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Hobo Jim
The texture is on point!
24 Dec 2020 • Vote: 10
Lovely, masterful painting. Color choice, skin, NMM, everything is on a breathtakingly high level. I have to admit though I dislike the base, it so over the top, bordering on the vulgar, that is actually diminished rather then enhances the model. On a figure as opulent and rich as this one, a stark, simple base would have focused the viewer´s gaze on the model, preventing what I feel is "color overload".
25 Nov 2019 • Vote: 10
Beautiful painting. Reds are so rich. Base is well done too but colours are too similar to the figure so she gets lost against it.
1 Jul 2019 • Vote: 9
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