Morlok & Malakain

Hi! Here is my lastest project Morlok & Malakain that i was thinking of since i have painted my first Morlok. I knew i need to paint second version with dual axes. Idea for this project was quite simple. Brutal warrior standing over corpse of slayed dragon. I have started building this small diorama and i made several changes. Main idea evolved and i decided that chains on dragons neck can be used for creating nice story. Dragon was not slayed by behading but fall in a battle after long fight tethered by chains from siege machines or tie to some massive mountain rocks. You can interpret it by your own impression. It was very complicated project for me. First time i was doing diorama and care about story so much. I was fighting with chains for few days. They are real chains and were glued link by link. It wasnt so easy to do straight taunt lines. Overall i think i did what i was searching for. From this place i would say big THANK YOU! to people who support me during journey through this project and to two companies who gave me an opportunity to create this piece: Karol Rudyk Art for sending me parts of his Malakain the Hellgate Keeper Kimera Models for their Morlok with additional weapon parts And to my photograper Szymon Kaczmarczyk! Hope you like it!

Posted: 4 Jan 2020

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WOW...That is just outstanding!!
19 Mar 2020 • Vote: 10
26 Feb 2020 • Vote: 10
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