Godfrey- Golden Guard Paladin

This miniature was painted as test. It is project painted just with Kimera Kolors. Gold NMM palette is very rich and my main idea was to create cold highlights with warm shadows. Laurel wreath on his head was sculpted by me. Also gold ornament on cloak is a freehand. This miniature is part of new Limbo Miniatures KS campaign comming in early September. Hope you like it! Mihausz

Posted: 29 Aug 2020

9.4 /10 (53 Votes) 6.4k Views

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Pfff what an art ! i love this one! the pose, the paintjob is outstanding! waaauw
16 Feb 2021 • Vote: 8
So hilariously good. No idea why it's only 9.3 by registered users. I disagree with them.
29 Sep 2020 • Vote: 10
beautiful armor!
7 Sep 2020 • Vote: 10
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