Marcus Gideon, Undead Hunter for Metallic Adept

This is my entry for the Metallic Adept contest. He was fun to paint. I used paints from GW, Reaper, and Vallejo in just about equal measure--well, no, that's not entirely true: I don't much like Vallejo's metallic paints, so most of the metal surfaces were painted with GW's Boltgun Metal and Reaper's Bright Gold, then washed with inks and thinned paints to age and otherwise disfigure the metal surfaces. The Undead Hunter paraphenalia on his back was the most fun to paint, especially the zombie heads. This was photographed using a 2.0 megapixel Fuji FinePix 2800Z using the macro function. My lighting rig consists of three clip lamps with 100 watt GE Reveal lightbulbs. Enjoy.

Posted: 4 Mar 2004

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Dr. Bob
Nice metallics! I looks very realistically worn. The back is even better than the front - I love the freehand on the cloth, the zombie heads, and the stakes.
12 Aug 2004 • Vote: 8
War Griffon
Some nice work here but I really do not like that base and think its letting the whole thing down but others will probably disagree and say otherwise :o)
6 Mar 2004 • Vote: 8

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