Dark Maiden (multiple views)

Hi All, I've had many requests for other views of this dark maiden, as well as a close up her base, so here they are! The original post with her story is image 78161. She is painted to represent her over a glassy smooth water, without her casting as much as a ripple. The reflections of the moon and sky through her on the water showing her ghostly nature and set the scene of a crisp cold night at sea, with a dark angel in search of lost sailors. The entire base is freehand painting except for the 2 rocks of course. Thank you! -Eric

Posted: 15 Jan 2005

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Your paint job inspired me to get the mini, which hasn't turned out nearly as nice as I would like. This is superb!
19 Jul 2011 • Vote: 10
Amazing execution of this complex concept. Please ignore all of the comments regarding pouring varnish and "that water effect stuff", etc. Them giving you advice is like an amateur telling Miles Davis how to play better and a sure fire way to ruin all of your hard work!
25 May 2011
AlAl the Tyrant
Great! But I really don't like the moon in front of the model, it just annoys me. I don't know why people don't like the reflection effect, but if I may suggest, you just pour some of that water effect stuff over your base to give it a more natural water look while still retaining a strong reflection via the painting underneath. Still a great job!
14 Apr 2011
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