Blue Lotus - Dragyri Wail

When I saw this Dragyri it immediately had a Japanese feel to it which I wanted to play off of. I envision her practicing her forms in the middle of a meditation pond of Koi, at peace with her surroundings, and of course connected to the lotus. I took this miniature on with the idea to challenge myself in nearly every aspect of my painting. First I wanted to really take time on the technical aspect of this piece, and see if I could perfect every surface to the best of my ability, and not take shortcuts anywhere. That was a struggle as there were many places that took me what seemed like forever, the face along took an entire night. My goal was to show a satin dress, and a sky-water nmm, as I wanted to stay away from any earth tones used in sky-earth. The WIP thread here on cmon was an increadible help keeping me motivated and the ideas flowing, a big thank you to everyone there :). Also I've almost never used blue for any significant purpose before, so in fact I had to buy 4/5ths of the blues and greens I used in this piece, and it was quite interesting trying to learn them! I also wanted to produce a "lighter" miniature, not so dark as much of my previous minis. Of course the base is the follow up to the painted water-reflection I used on my Dark Maiden, I had nearly forgotten what a pain that is!! There is a reason I stayed away from trying it again for 4 months. The entire base except the lily pads and lotus (which were sculpted) is a 2d painting. Unfortunately it is very difficult to photograph, I appologize for that, the front of the base is nearly half as far from the camera as the back which creates some distortion in the perspective unfortuantely, and I really can not think of a way to avoid this satisfactorily. BIG thank you to Tracy (TAB studios) for the miniature and jumpstart, it was a most generous gift and one I won't forget. In the end it was a lot of fun and a huge learning experience, I hope you like her. As always, comments and criticisms are welcomed Thank you, Eric

Posted: 8 Apr 2005

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special, ignore silly comments about Pcs if the artist had half your talent then they wouldnt make the comment, Keep up the excellent work!
25 Feb 2009
i really love the shining effect you gave this mini. simply beautiful
10 Dec 2006
WOW I've seen this many times and it still gives me a 10/10 on the wow factor..i just thought it was about time i left a comment. Great work!!
31 Aug 2006 • Vote: 10
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