Hyrekia has long been one of my favorite Reapers, so after a 2 month forced break from painting, I thought I would indulge myself and finally paint her up. I wanted something different than the dark colors I've gotten used to seeing her in, so I thought I would go for a more snowy version of her, thus the white dress and light tones throughout. Also I wanted a very simple base, something that wouldn't really attract attention away from her at all, so it stayed a very basic snow base with one little rock. I had a really hard time with photographing the colors right on this one, but I think I did finally get it fairly accurate. :) Coments and Critisism are of course welcome! -EricJ

Posted: 16 Aug 2005

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sick job man
19 Oct 2006
This is the best blonde hair I think I've ever seen! What colors did you use?
30 Jun 2006 • Vote: 10
One of my favorite paint jobs....inspiring.
18 Apr 2006 • Vote: 10
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