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Splitscheme Khorne Berserker
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by Ap0k

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Splitscheme Khorne Berserker

Splitscheme Khorne Berserker

Having never seen a splitscheme berserker before, I figured I'd give it a shot and see how things went. This is essentially a test model for a squad I'm thinking of putting together later in the year, so any comments would be greatly appreciated.

Total paint time was around 20 hours, with a couple more on top of that for conversion. Parts from a variety of sources. Left powerfist is marine, with GS banding added. Right fist is the Chaos Marine champions, with the detail filed off and replaced with freehand. Torso and arms came from a Beastman Gor, and the helmet is a shaved down Berserker bunny helm, without the ears.

Pretty pleased with the outcome, all things considered.

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#242268 Rating: 8 22 Nov 2007
While I love the conversion and execution of the figure and the reds and blues are very vivid and rich (loving the symbols on the gauntlets, for example) think the vividness of colors on the skin is where this figure falls a little short. While the tattos are cool and the pale skin suits the model, I think the tattoos are too stark and make him look a little overly "busy" and the transitions to shadows on the skin could be smoother. Very glad to see a version of him ended up in your Berserker squad, where I think he's much better executed (except for the freehand on the chainfists, but time constraints being what they are...)
#223094 Rating: 10 5 May 2007
very nice, i love this mini alot, no complaints from me, i love the double chainfist thing, cant wait to see your squad!! ~BLUE
#219573 Rating: 10 26 Mar 2007
I love it, hot as hell itself.
#219395 Rating: 9 24 Mar 2007
At last? finished! Saw him on B&C (?)! Nice guy! Looking for squad of them!
#219389 Rating: 9 24 Mar 2007
Nice idea, well executed! Nuff said!






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