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Lathiem, Oak Leaf
Manufacturer: Enigma
Category: Fantasy

by automaton

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Lathiem, Oak Leaf

Lathiem, Oak Leaf

This is a figure I made especially for the competition at World Expo 2008, in Girona. And I only finished on the morning of the competition, in a park on the way from the hotel to the exhibition centre haha - it's always fun taking 'last minute touches' to the extreme!

Once I had decided I was going to paint Lathiem, I knew that I wanted to try to make mine a bit different from the usual. There are many versions of this fantastic figure out there, so I wanted to try to capture something a little original. I had not seen any conversions of Lathiem yet, so I thought that this might be one way to make mine look a little different. For a long time I had imagined this alternate pose for Lathiem, with the change of weapon position, so I went ahead and gave it a try. The new weapon - a sort of slightly fantasy bardiche - was made with milliput and green stuff (duro). Then I sculpted a few little extra details to add to the top of his back/shoulders, which looked a little bare once the original weapon was removed.

The other, more important way that I tried to make my Lathiem a little different from the other versions was with the colour scheme. Most of the previous Lathiem minis I had seen had quite a warm, earthy sort of colour scheme. So to be different, I tried a colder version of Lathiem...very 'fantasy' type colours rather than natural earth tones, with which I tried to create a slightly more eerie, almost 'otherworld-ly' feeling scene.

Many of the colours were inspired by some beautiful artwork by Frank Frazetta.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy it! There are larger, better quality photos on my website.

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Viewer comments:
#272992 Rating: 10 18 Oct 2008
its perfect!!
#272804 Rating: 10 16 Oct 2008
wow simply wow
#266681 Rating: 10 6 Aug 2008
Awesome conversion and paint work!!!! Ciao
#266569 Rating: 10 4 Aug 2008
Extremely impressive, both painting and conversion are of the hihest quality, the color colors really work well; I partikularly like the skintone and the freehand on the shield. The scenic base is a bit too big for my taste, I´m not a fan of those, but that´s a matter of taste. All in all a great figure.
#266561 Rating: 10 4 Aug 2008
Amazing. I love the pants they just look fantastic with those bright colours.
#266510 Rating: 10 4 Aug 2008
a great figurine from a great painter! as usuall i love your colour choice!!! best regards edgar
#266482 Rating: 10 3 Aug 2008
You have painted him so well he looks much larger here than the actual mini is in real life. Unbelievably great job.
#266349 Rating: 10 2 Aug 2008
just lovely my friend..... i go along with "sexy times" enjoyed you aund your stuff at the expo cheers ben
#266200 Rating: 10 31 Jul 2008
Sexy Times! Great work mate, I want to see it in real life, amazing as usual.
#266020 Rating: 10 30 Jul 2008
Seriously... you could paint a piece of dog crap, feeling inspired by Michelangelo, and it would turn into the ceiling of the sistine chapel... only better. Great work on this mini.






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