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Grot Bomb
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by Brother Captain


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Grot Bomb

Grot Bomb

Poor grot... Can you guess the inspiration for the paintscheme?

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#339921 6 Feb 2011
You're correct. Ohka bombs were painted in a light cream colour if I recall correctly but this mini was based on a Zero Fighter not an Ohka.
#339888 Rating: 8 5 Feb 2011
funny. i always thought the ohka bombs were painted a lighter color. but the A6M paintjob looks ood on it too... they're grots- wouldn't they miss an occasional scratch from the manufactring process!
#339733 3 Feb 2011
It's funny but I personally like more the aircraft than the grot or the marine helmet. There's something about the shape of Gretchin that makes it easy for me to figure out where highlights should go. Maybe I'm not excited about it since it was a fast and easy paintjob. It didn't seem that complex or advanced to me. I think you're right about moldlines. I can spot one on the lower right tail fin. The funny thing is that there are many more mold lines I've missed but luckily they're on the underside of the mini and conveniently hidden from view. You're correct about the reference too. It's a WWII Mitsubishi Zero. IMHO it's not such a bad idea...
#339573 Rating: 6 1 Feb 2011
the grot and marine painting are very good the plane not so its rather avarage p.s. theres some mold lines on the tail p.p.s i can geuss the colourscheme- i think it may have been a bad idea (is it a japanesse f-0 ?)






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