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Commissar Yarick
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by Brother Captain


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Commissar Yarick

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#375174 Rating: 10 8 Aug 2012
Hey brother-captain, once I saw the model I understood it was yours, I love the way you paint, the deep wash the thin highlight and the whole color scene is great, for once more good job mate!
#362699 11 Feb 2012
@ olivier2302: Don't worry your, comment wasn't harsh. I appreciate criticism and it's actually helpfull when people tell me what they don't like in my miniatures and how I can improve them. Concerning the wet palette it helps with thining colour as colour placed on a wet palette can stay liquid for days. You can thin the colour to the consistency you want and not have to worry about it drying out and then having to add more water. Also if you mix custom colours you don't have to worry about them drying out and you having to redo trhe mix. You can find lots of wet palette tutorials on the net. Building a wet palette is very easy and cheap so it's worth giving it a try.
#356355 Rating: 9 22 Nov 2011
well, first of all, sorry for the rough comment, i was in a little bad mood that day and yeah i can surelly understand the fact you may be bored to spend so much time ona mini.a quick question that occured when a saw a guys blog, and nobody seems to consider my question. whats the point of using a wet palette? i also saw your necron and sister, they look good!
#356261 20 Nov 2011
@ Trucker: Thanks! @ Olivier 2302: Thanks for taking the time to give me detailed feedback. You're right about the NMM, it would work well with the rest of the colours. Honestly I'm not very happy with the way I painted this mini. The metalics have sharp highlights while the rest of the colours could use an extra 1 - 2 layers of highlighting. I should have either highlighted the other colours further or I should have used NMM which would have looked "softer". Unfortunately I was a bit inpatient and I wanted it to be a "quick" paintjob i.e. under 20 hours. Oh and I'll surely have a look at your DeviantArt page!
#354270 Rating: 9 14 Oct 2011
Nice colour blends, and colour chices, changing a bit from the ''official'' one, but i dont see any... NMM or you know, a key feature, to make it stand out even more. of course i dont paint like that, i m far from that its just an oppinon i have after deeing many minis. if you want to see some of my work, dont bother looking on my CMON profile, go to course if iterested).
#353559 Rating: 9 30 Sep 2011
fantasticly smooth and yet crispy blends!






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