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Manufacturer: Studio McVey
Category: Fantasy

by automaton

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This was my second entry in the AUSCON 2011 'Wizards of Oz' painting competition.

I decided to follow virtually the same colour scheme as that used for the original studio version, because I think Ali chose the perfect colours for the figure. As soon as I saw the original, I loved it so much that I wanted one for myself; and if a figure has the perfect colour scheme I don't see the sense in changing it just for the sake of originality.

I tried to create an environment reminiscent of a coastal ocean shore with waves swirling round the rocks, because I've always found this figure very suggestive of that sort of scene.

I was very honoured and flattered to receive a gold medal at Auscon for this figure.

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Viewer comments:
#399632 Rating: 6 27 Jun 2013
I can hear the waves and seagulls
#362901 Rating: 10 14 Feb 2012
Beware of the Borg! They are looking for perfection!
#358001 Rating: 10 13 Dec 2011
This piece BLOWS MY MIND!
#355293 Rating: 10 2 Nov 2011
I'm speechless. Your wonderful work on this fine mini appears flawless! Total AWESOMENESS!!! There seems to be no limits to what you're capable of achieving as a truly and uniquely gifted miniature artist. And you're a cool d00d to boot! 10! as always.....
#347751 Rating: 10 21 Jun 2011
This belongs in a museum.
#346114 Rating: 10 16 May 2011
ahhhhhh Sebastian! when i see your miniature i am happy! your colour are so pacefull, quiet, just smooth... i love your work my friend. your are always the best.
#345944 Rating: 10 13 May 2011
Brilliant work! i like the face alot.
#345804 Rating: 10 11 May 2011
Ouhhh llllaaaadddaaaa!! A true Seb again... love her in every aspect! Amazing colour circus going on here and the base is just kicking heart. My favourite spot is her left leg, especially the colour transitions... ooouuhhhh laaaadddddaaaaa!! Keep on happy painting! Best Regards Roman
#345779 Rating: 10 10 May 2011
Amazing miniature as always. I want to see bigger pictures
#345656 Rating: 10 8 May 2011
WOW seb thats the only word i can say about this mini, i hope one day i get to see it close up






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