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Isabella von Carstein. More views and close-ups
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by Lan Studio

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Isabella von Carstein. More views and close-ups

Isabella von Carstein. More views and close-ups


My new mini.
I hope you like it.

Well maybe I'll tell a bit how I painted the face of this miniature.
First of all to paint a woman face well,at least in my oppinion and I do that, is to search for some inspiration - and we have planty of beutiful faces in the web or newspapers.
Here I was inspired by a picture I saw in a newspaper a girl from one fashion show, in tribute to Amy Winehouse.
I wanted to achieve dark look by using strong make up like dark red lips, black eyeliner and black eyebrows contrasting with very bright skin tones.

As for the face, the base colour was GW Dwarf flesh with small adittion of black. Important is to notice that base color is only seen in shadows, like on the neck. I wanted to have a bright face so on rest of the face you see this colour with added white. Then I was adding more white and a very little dwarf fleshfor each highlights . The final highliths were pure white. Then I added make up, mix of dwarf flesh, blood red and white with more white for highlits on the cheeks.

But in my oppinion the most important parts are eyes. And here to achive natural look we must add... eyebrows. You can compare with other models of Isabella and this was the part I was missing mostly.

I also accept commisions, just write to me.


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Viewer comments:
#405809 Rating: 9 15 Oct 2013
#384777 Rating: 10 10 Dec 2012
#384773 Rating: 10 10 Dec 2012
Some brilliant brushwork - well done!
#373451 Rating: 9 12 Jul 2012
Nice contrast in colours, the face looks groovy with the eyebrows painted n red pupils. Totally tropical mon.
#372415 Rating: 10 25 Jun 2012
The face is so beautiful!
#372346 Rating: 10 23 Jun 2012
o ja pykam ;p Makijaż jest przesadzony ;p
#372345 Rating: 10 23 Jun 2012
Amazing work and thanks for your detailed comments!
#372229 Rating: 9 22 Jun 2012
Beautiful face!
#372221 Rating: 10 21 Jun 2012
This is how i wish i could paint. Guess i need to practice more lol
#372212 Rating: 10 21 Jun 2012
I meant 10/10 but I have posted too fast!






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