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Bretonnia Battle Standard
Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: Fantasy

by MicroArt Studio


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Bretonnia Battle Standard

Bretonnia Battle Standard

We present: Limited edition Bretonnian standard only available in the army boxed set,

All comments welcome

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#273597 Rating: 10 26 Oct 2008
I'm not a Brettonian fan, but this is awesome!
#255995 Rating: 9 16 Apr 2008
If I'm not mistaken, that's real metallics on the armor. I love it! I've been really tired of the highly cartoony NMM everywhere; especially on steel-clad medieval Bretonnians. Great work!
#173923 Rating: 10 9 Apr 2006
WOW! That is probably my favourate Warhammer Fantasy model I have seen! Lovely may have inspired me to start collecting...
#94666 Rating: 10 21 Jul 2004
#74954 Rating: 10 22 Feb 2004
I love it. How did get this pattern so smooth?
#74417 Rating: 10 18 Feb 2004
#74391 Rating: 10 18 Feb 2004
i can´t imagine how ANYONE could rate this mini lower then 10! i would say this is one of the best minis on this howl site....congatulations.
#74249 Rating: 10 17 Feb 2004
Thats an insane amount of freehand there! I agree that the caparisons could do with being a different colour to the rest of the figure so that they stand out better.
#74165 Rating: 9 16 Feb 2004
Wow, all those filigree patterns are really sweet. Is the cloak from the box? It looks a bit thick and rigid IMHO.
#74159 Rating: 9 16 Feb 2004
Pretty awesome. I think you need some other colour to break up the same colour/pattern that you have. It's nicely done, but the caparison shields could of at least used a different theme/colour. Still, a lot of work went into this one. Good job.






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