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Manufacturer: Games Workshop
Category: SF

by Yellow One

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#358029 Rating: 10 13 Dec 2011
Looks like pictures from the first alien.
#347634 Rating: 10 18 Jun 2011
Bit late to the party but here goes. I almost gave it a 9, the lack of detail on the wings contrasts too strongly with the incredible detail on the body, it is a fairly decent flaw. However, that only makes it not perfect, it is still an 'amazing job' and worth that otherwise 'perfect' score. Giger rocks, and so does this mini.
#327329 Rating: 10 27 Jul 2010
My GOD its beautiful! That is the best freehand work I've seen! My hat is off you, Sir!
#322701 Rating: 10 23 May 2010
My favorite out of all of your pieces. This is superb and so clever. I love it!
#322635 Rating: 10 22 May 2010
H.R.Giger would be proud.
#308103 Rating: 10 14 Nov 2009
Amazing!!!! vote: 11
#301721 Rating: 10 28 Aug 2009
Remarkable! Just perfect
#300591 Rating: 10 12 Aug 2009
ImO... by far the most beautifull piece of work i've ever seen in a mini
#295982 Rating: 10 11 Jun 2009
I've been coveting this model ever since I first saw it on Forge World a few years ago, and yours is probably the best paint job I've seen on one. I absolutely love it! Don't let me near it, I might try to steal it.
#293075 Rating: 10 15 May 2009
This is amazing, I love the style, whoever gave it a 6 must've made a mistake surely? This is nothing short of 12!






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